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Annoyances and delays to financial transactions, however minor, can leave everyone involved feeling unease and even mistrust in some cases. An ATM going on strike, a discrepancy in a transaction – sometimes that is all it takes for a customer to lose their confidence in a business. We offer customers maximum reliability, compliance and security, but also innovation.

Think that maximum protection for transactions and user-friendliness do not go hand in hand? Think again! Biometric solutions such as hand scans make this all possible.

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In the financial sector, attacks on IT are the kind of nightmare that can unsettle entire markets. Our intelligent and customised solutions help you and your customers to sleep easy at night.

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It must be possible to conduct transactions at any time. We make sure that your customers can rely on you day and night, on Sundays and 29 February.

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all top bankers are ‘extremely worried’ about cyber attacks.
[2018 PWC survey]
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With its in-house software solution BioShare TWINSOFT biometrics offers the possibility of a simple integration of biometric solutions into the existing company infrastructures.

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