Speeding up administrative procedures

Relieving the burden on the public sector.

No one wants their personal data to fall into the wrong hands. That’s why even authorities not only need total transparency, but also a modern (security) network. We help to link these up. Many of the employees also have a massive workload to get through, too, meaning stress for everyone – so reliable and fast IT systems mean less stress all-round. We take care of all these aspects!

Hand scanning or voice recognition may have been science fiction in the past, but is now a fast and reliable method that can be used in administrative procedures. We make it possible.

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IT Security

Authorities are privy to large amounts of personal data. Should an unauthorised party ever gain access to this data, the repercussions may be severe. Our ‘watchdogs’ prevent this from happening.

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When an agency’s services go down because their IT is not working, complaints from the public are the least of their worries. We make sure the public sector has high availability for their work.

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High availability


Over four million people work in the public sector.


With its in-house software solution BioShare, TWINSOFT biometrics offers the possibility of a simple integration of biometric solutions into the existing company infrastructures.

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