Ensuring correct – and fast – deliveries.

Benefit from a smooth supply chain.

Where goods are sold, all processes from the transaction, warehousing and transportation route to the handover must be perfectly in tune and completely transparent for everyone involved. We get your IT ready so that it can do this. Goods disappearing or getting caught in some kind of Bermuda Triangle are no good to anyone, after all.

Want speed and simplicity for all your processes? A ‘signature’ for which no pen is required? Biometrics can optimise all these things for you!

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IT Security

Attacks by hackers can leave more than just transportation routes in a muddle. With TWINSOFT, you will be able to back up goods and customer data both physically and digitally.

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When a system stops working, it will not be long until a delivery is lost or ends up in completely the wrong location. High availability IT ensures that this does not happen.

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High availability

1 %

of all delays to deliveries lead to additional expenditure.


With its in-house software solution BioShare, TWINSOFT biometrics offers the possibility of a simple integration of biometric solutions into the existing company infrastructures.

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