Biometrics. You are the key.

Don’t think it’s possible for an identification and access technology to be suitable for use in any area, be tamper-proof and also user-friendly? Think again! Whether it’s a fingerprint, hand scan, your voice or some other characteristic, we’ll find the right solution for your system. Data backup, access restrictions, identification – the boundaries of biometrics are still being set.

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Nothing is as tamper-proof and yet so straightforward as biometric features. Maximum security, provided by your own body.

Process optimisation

Annoying intermediate steps that cost paper and time and cause stress stop processes from running smoothly. Biometrics eliminates these.


Is the person working here in the system right now really authorised for access? Biometrics gives you certainty!


Donor management? Time recording? Something entirely different? With our Bioshare products, find the right solution for almost any issue.

Identity management

Who is who? Who can do what? Who is accessing things? Reliable identity management is essential for companies nowadays.

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Biometrics is not just our job, but also our passion. With 100% commitment.

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