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As an extremely flexible company, we always seek and find new markets for our expertise. Take the energy and social sectors, for instance – two fields in which we are already achieving success. We don’t want to stop there, though, and can do much more. Why not test our flexibility in your sector, too!

What else is great about biometric solutions, their security and simplicity aside? Their versatility! There are hardly any markets in which biometrics cannot improve processes in some way, after all.

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When is digital security ever not important? Nowadays, data backup is a must across the board. We can help you with this – our solutions are compatible with all systems.

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Power is everything, and it’s frustrating when a provider’s system suddenly stops working. TWINSOFT gives you high system availability, so your system is ready to use across all areas at all times.

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Our flexibility and desire to learn know no bounds!

Thycotic and TWINSOFT close a security gap in your system together and save you time and money. You identify and manage all access to all privileged accounts and systems.
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Timekeeping has never been so mobile - and yet so secure! Go for a biometric solution in 2020 with BioShare and receive our TimeKIT for biometric working time recording free of charge.
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Our Hall of Fame

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Our ‘Hall of Fame’ encompasses a wide range of fields and highlights the outstanding achievements of many a success story and exciting project. Our teams of experts ensure each and every one of our customers has maximum exposure and benefits from our full commitment. Why not take a look yourself!

And many more great customers.

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