The fact that TWINSOFT has existed as an IT company for business-critical applications since 1989 highlights that we are experienced dinosaurs in this industry. In all modesty, today we are one of the leading experts for maximum availability, business integration and modernisation.
Still alive
The fact that we keep challenging ourselves and adapting means the ‘TWINosaurus’ has never gone extinct, unlike its dinosaur friends. Back in 1989 we were a subsidiary of Tandem Computers and Cap Volmac; today we are at home on all platforms. Over the years maximum availability has remained one of our specialities.
In 1999, while operating under the Compaq umbrella, we took it upon ourselves to conduct IT modernisation and integrated the Infosoft migration house. The ‘TWINosaurus’ now had another leg to stand on, which would ensure protection against meteor strikes time and time again over the years.
By 2004, the TWINosaurus had evolved so much that it could stand on its own four feet and leave the nest of its HP ‘mother’. TWINSOFT became an independent IT company, able to do what it does best without being dependent on the manufacturer and platform. And it continues to do it to this day: meet customer needs.
The TWINosaurus must be female – there’s no other way to explain the birth of her two ‘children’: TWINSOFT biometrics and TWINSEC GmbH. These two affiliated companies both specialised in biometric authentication systems and IT security.
Almost exactly ten years after it was founded, TWINSEC had now left the family nest and was treading its own path, while TWINSOFT biometrics was working hard to make the herd of dinosaurs more effective, more resilient and more innovative.
With this kind of herd, there can be differences of opinion sometimes. When it rises to the level of acrimonious trench warfare internally, the entire species can die out. To prevent this, the structures and hierarchy are only sketched out – so every employee can remain flexible and make an active contribution.
The fact that the TWINosaurus keeps changing has also helped, with new focuses, new ideas and new roles. While the role of Innovation Manager was created, for example, other employees simply re-structured their roles bit by bit themselves. There was still room for everyone in the TWIN herd!
Now in 2018, the TWINosaurus is one of the few of its kind left – but set up better than ever. It feels at home in many locations and can make use of its specialist skills anywhere, making it possible for the herd to achieve great versatility. The concept of stagnation remains alien. Onwards and upwards!
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