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As the leading Japanese supplier of ITC business solutions, Fujitsu is an important partner to TWINSOFT. They supply us with essential components, including the hand scan hardware used in the BioShare product family.


With Enterprise Recon, Groundlabs has developed a total solution for managing personal data in a network. PCI-DSS compliance or the GDPR ‘right to be forgotten’ is no issue; you control your data, ready for any audit.


LogRhythm uniquely combines SIEM, log management, file integrity monitoring and hardware analysis with forensic host and network data on one security platform. LogRhythm detects risks that would otherwise not be seen.


Oracle is an US-American software- and hardware manufacturer, specializing in the development and marketing of computer soft- and hardware, especially in the area of database systems.


Swiss biometrics company TBS was founded in 2003. With several thousand installations for customers across the entire world, TBS is an experienced partner for the sensors in our biometric solutions.

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